Tuesday, June 13, 2006

State of Being. . .

Since this blog is partly for the purpose of sharing about the exciting and life altering event of having a child, I will bring anyone who cares to read up to speed. We first learned of our pregnancy in November of 2005. We had been trying to get pregnant for a while (about 6 months), so we were very excited to learn that we were!!! We waited to tell everyone (except close family) until around Christmas, due to the possibility of complications. Everything seemed to be going along fine - especially if lots of morning sickness and dizziness constitutes "fine" - until we went in for our 20-something week ultrasound. There we were informed that the baby appeared to have a two-vessel cord (a condition known as Single Umbilical Artery - for more information, visit March of Dimes website). We were referred to a perinatologist for further tests and consultation. Everything was A-OK at that visit, so it was determined that I would just need close monitoring to ensure that a problem didn't develop. To this end, next week I begin a series of half hour "non stress tests" that will occur weekly until the baby is born. We also learned from our last appt. that I have Group B Strep, which will require me to have IV antibiotics during labor and delivery. I have found myself struggling with these issues at times because I fear that they will "rob" me of the birth I had planned, but we are constantly being reminded throughout this pregnancy that God is in control and He will work all things out according to His plan and for His glory! Sometimes, it is hard to simply TRUST instead of planning everything the way I want it - but I can say with assurance that HIS way is best.


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