Friday, June 23, 2006

Morning Wake-up Call. . .

Well, what a blessing - this morning, Mike got a call from the night shift supervisor saying that he didn't have to come into work today! Originally Mike had been told that he would have to stay over 4 hours tonight, and possibly work tomorrow; but apparently there wasn't enough work to do. The really neat thing about it is that if he gets laid off for a single day at the company's discretion, he still gets paid almost as much as he would if he went to work!
So, now to come up with my "honey do" list!!! Can't let him off the hook that easy!
Last evening, my darling dog did as dogs do and rolled in something horrendous smelling outside - that can mean only one thing - BATH TIME! Now, Daisy is fine with me brushing her teeth, clipping her nails, and in general making her miserable; but this dog-o-mine just HATES getting bathed (hates being wet in general). She kept trying to jump out of the tub. Usually I can handle a 25 lb. dog, but add a 9 month-pregnant belly to get in the way and slow me down, and it gets a little crazy!
The really fun thing about giving her a bath is her reaction when finished - she runs around the house like a crazy wild animal, rolling on any soft, dry surface she can find. Usually, she just jumps up on our bed and starts burrowing through pillows and between blankets to get the "stink of clean" off of her! It really is a sight to behold.


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