Friday, June 23, 2006

Water Pumps and Miscellany. . .

Just remembered something else that I wanted to comment on. A few days ago, our car ("The Old Gray Mare" - an '89 Oldsmobile) started making gurgling noises. Now, I'm no mechanic, but I didn't think that was normal. We took the car in to our trusty mechanic and sure enough, the water pump was broken! I must admit, my feelings toward the car at this point were not of a friendly nature - we've had it at the garage 3 times in the last 6 - 7 months (twice it had to be towed), but then I realized that God has provided the funds every single time and has protected us from accidents and being stranded in strange places every time. In this particular instance, two weeks ago, I decided to set aside "for no reason" every extra dollar I could into a savings that we try not to use regularly. Well, the amount I was able to set aside more than covered the amount of our car repairs! Also, God has given us a mechanic that we trust, and has never tried to cheat us because we are a young couple who "don't know any better." When we went to pick the car up, the mechanic told Mike that we were very "fortunate" not to have lost any of the fluids (he was very surprised that we hadn't, he said it just started pouring out once he started working on it!), if we had, driving it could have overheated the engine. Fortunate indeed - Blessed is more like it!
I must admit that I don't always take the time to "count my blessings," but God is so very good to us. Reviewing this incident to write for this blog has made me realize how amazing God's care of His children is. Often I am tempted to look at situations as "it's a good thing I was able to do such and such to work that out," but it truly is none of me and all of HIM!
And since, I'm on the topic, another blessing this week was being able to get together with my friend Lyndsey and have a "girl's evening out." We had a great time of fellowship and she was an incredible help in whittling down my list of baby necessities - I tend to get overwhelmed by my "to do's" and "things we need before the baby arrives" - it definitely helps to have someone who's been there recently for advice!


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