Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Too good to pass up . . .

Late last night when everyone but my littlest munchkin was in bed, I took advantage of this INCREDIBLE offer: Ground Steak delivered for 36-cents a pound. I was able to order 24 Steak Burgers from Omaha Steaks for $1.98 shipped! It didn't actually "cost" anything from our budget because you can pay via PayPal and I had accumulated enough to cover this expense by doing YouData in one week (I've been doing YouData for 3 weeks and I've made over $12)! That may not sound like much, but it takes almost no time and every little bit certainly helps!

For more about YouData, go check it out. All you need is a valid email address, cell phone number (they will text you an activation link - they won't use it to call you), and internet access (which you obviously have!). Once you sign up, you "sell" your attention to advertisers. You load the ads available in a viewer like the one on my sidebar, and you get paid $.05 to look at the ad banner, then an additional $.15 if you "jump" and check out the site. That's it. They are still new and building up their advertisers, so you may only get a few offers a week, but there's no cost to you and a very little time investment - totally worth checking out! Oh, and pay-out is every Friday (to PayPal only for now) with no minimum! I was skeptical the first week, but I did indeed get paid - three times now! By the way, these are not referral links (to those who like to know before they click!).


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