Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Boy am I glad it's Thanksgiving! Four days off of work! Time to sit back and relax, enjoy time with the family, and eat good food. This year we are going over to my Aunt's house and Kris made a Mandarin Mixed Green Salad, and a Tiramisu Layer Cake. The frosting for the cake is REALLY GOOD! I took some of the chocolate she curled on top and dipped it in the frosting. Yum! I also am enjoying spending time with Aayla while she is happy! She is a happy baby most of the time, but in the afternoon after her nap, while I am at work, she is happy and playful for a larger period of time. Weekends our schedule is so messed up that she gets kind of cranky sometimes. So I have had a great time playing and holding her most of the morning and afternoon! During her nap I also got a bit of Xbox 360 time in. Since Aalya came along my gaming time has dropped considerably. Also Kris and I have had little time to watch movies. Not that I am complaining, we really don't miss it. Your priorities do change when you have children (well at least they should). Kris made these hats for Aayla while I was writing this post. Isn't she a cutie!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Not Much to Say. . .

But then, I don't think that really matters - most of you are probably just as happy if I write nothing - as long as I post pics! We are all doing well, same old, same old. Last week, Mike had twelve hour days all week plus Saturday, so we are still recovering a little from having our routine so messed up. Aayla is enjoying tummy time alot more, but has no desire to roll over (which is just fine, she'll do it when she's ready!). I'm starting to get a little more sleep - the first rounds of immunizations messed up Aayla's sleep schedule quite a bit, and we are just now getting back to a 6 hour block of sleep at once. Yeah!!!
Weather went from unseasonably warm last week to absolutely freezing today (we awoke to a thunderstorm of sleet!). Well, that's about all from here, so without further ado:
OK Mom, put that camera down and come play.
Fleece tastes great!
Daddy sure is comfy!