Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy 6 Month Birthday - a few days late!

I cannot believe that Aayla turned 6 months old on Sunday! She is getting so big and growing so fast - time is just flying by! I didn't get to post this sooner, because Aayla was sick this past weekend with a bad cold. She would wake herself up coughing and choking - very sad!!! Monday, we took her to the doctor and he sent us to the hospital for an RSV test (Praise the Lord, the test came back negative!), what a horrible little test! She has been getting better, but is still very congested.

We were planning to introduce solids this past weekend, but figured we should wait since she was sick. Maybe this weekend. . .

Here are a few recent pictures of my little munchkin.
Just chilling with Daisy

One of Aayla's very favorite things - her sippy cup. She would never take a bottle, but give her a sippy cup any day! (She always looks so much smaller when Daddy is holding her!)

Playing with Grandma. She is getting so big - sits up so well by herself!

My poor sweet sick baby on her "birthday". This is Aayla's favorite nap spot - Mommy!

Friday, January 19, 2007

New Layout

Well, about a week ago, I completed my final layout using the trial version of Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo. You can download a free full access trial for thirty days, to test it out before you buy it. I have a few more to try out before I decide, but I did enjoy PSP while I had it. So, here it is:

Paper - Seasonal Sampler by
Shabby Princess
Ribbon and Bow - Swirlicious by Samara Gugler at
Digital Scrapbook Place
Tag - Diva by Digital Scrapbook Place

Everything here is going well. The doctor determined that Mike's foot was not broken, just bruised. He just returned to full duty at work Wed. It still bothers him when he is on it for a long period of time, but seems to be healing well.
Little Miss Aayla has a cold (nothing major, but she seems pretty congested at times), and since her and I love to share, I have a cold too! I am starting to feel a little better, and judging by her cheeriness, so is she.

That's about all I have to report for now. Hope everyone reading this is having a blessed day!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, it seems as though the new year is coming in with a bang! I started the year off with some type of head cold and now Mike has injured his foot - the kicker (no pun intended) is that the dr. cannot determine whether or not his foot is actually broken! He injured it at work when he dropped a 90lb gear on it - I am quite thankful for the invention of metatarsal boots! He is doing OK though and hopefully it won't take too long to heal.

On a brighter note, Little Miss is growing and thriving and busy being the most wonderful baby ever. She certainly is developing quite a personality, and we have had many indications that she will be a stubborn, independent little one (considering her parents, we are not surprised!)! She discovered her toes the week before Christmas, and within a week she could sit up for short periods by herself. She "slept through the night" one night for me - and I was ready to start rejoicing in the extra sleep, but we soon realized it was the cold medicine that was making her sleep. Oh well, I am enjoying even the night wakings, for I know they will come to an end all too soon. In fact, that is one of my favorite times with Aayla - everything is peaceful and quiet and it's just the two of us.

Daisy was treated to a bath this evening, and is now staying as far away from me as possible lest I invent some even worse form of torture! She absolutely despises her bath, but Aayla got a huge laugh out of watching Daisy shake and roll around on our bed to get all the clean off of her. I find it so funny that such big laughs come out of such little people!!!

Well, I finished another digital layout - I wasn't going to post it because I have seen the work that some of you do (and I cannot compete at this time!) - but Lyndsey persuaded me that I should post it, so here it is:

The kit I used to create this layout is actually a freebie! It's "Vintage Florals" available at Shabby Princess.