Tuesday, July 11, 2006

One Week and Counting. . .

Well, the countdown continues. My visit with my midwife yesterday went well. The baby is doing well (an overachiever I am told, based on the activity on the NST). Really nothing new to report on that front. I asked the midwife when they would start considering induction - I'm not wanting to be induced, but I have been told that due to the SUA, they do not want me going too far beyond my due date. She said that if I do not go into labor by next Monday, they will consult with the doctor on how he feels we should proceed - so, we're praying hard for at least a contraction or two very soon (and hopefully a successful delivery this week)! I have two requests already for Friday of this week, and one for Monday of next week - are there others?!? I'll do my best!!!

I am absolutely convinced that this past week is the hottest one of my life! I was warned that this would occur, and I am thankful that I didn't feel too uncomfortable up until recently - but I am ready to move to Alaska! Mike thinks its funny (not in a cruel way, but rather ironic), because I am usually cold even in the middle of summer. This is only because he is such a warm-blooded critter that he finds it necessary for our house to feel like a walk-in freezer (Oh, how I would love to go to sleep in a walk-in freezer right about now)!

Can't really think of much else going on. Just playing the waiting game for now. I am also frantically trying to finish the baby afghan that I started months ago, but am now motivated enough to finish. At the rate I am going, I just may get it done in time, but we shall see.


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I vote Sunday - Uncle Gary's birthday!


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